Buffalo Bob's offers a wide range of exotic game meat snacks, including alligator, elk, camel, and ostrich, all in delicious and unique flavors. Perfect for the adventurous snacker looking to try something new and exciting.


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Alligator Cajun Jerky StickAlligator Cajun Jerky Stick
25 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
10 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack10 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
Duck Maple Jerky StickDuck Maple Jerky Stick
Buffalo Spicy Jerky StickBuffalo Spicy Jerky Stick
Camel Chopped JerkyCamel Chopped Jerky
Kangaroo Chopped JerkyKangaroo Chopped Jerky
Alligator Mild Jerky StickAlligator Mild Jerky Stick
Ham Honey Jerky StickHam Honey Jerky Stick
Alligator Original Chopped JerkyAlligator Original Chopped Jerky
Kangaroo Jerky StickKangaroo Jerky Stick
Ostrich Jerky StickOstrich Jerky Stick
Ostrich Chopped JerkyOstrich Chopped Jerky
Pork Hawaiian Teriyaki Jerky StickPork Hawaiian Teriyaki Jerky Stick
Alligator Chopped Jerky Variety Pack
Elk Chopped JerkyElk Chopped Jerky
Venison Fire Jerky StickVenison Fire Jerky Stick
15 Piece Exotic Meat Stick Jerky Assortment Pack15 Piece Exotic Meat Stick Jerky Assortment Pack
Pork Jalapeno Jerky StickPork Jalapeno Jerky Stick
Buffalo Mild Chopped JerkyBuffalo Mild Chopped Jerky
Alligator Cajun Chopped JerkyAlligator Cajun Chopped Jerky
Alligator BBQ Chopped JerkyAlligator BBQ Chopped Jerky
Buffalo Mild Jerky StickBuffalo Mild Jerky Stick
24 Piece Exotic Gift Box24 Piece Exotic Gift Box
50 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack50 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
Turkey Jerky StickTurkey Jerky Stick
Wild Boar Chopped JerkyWild Boar Chopped Jerky
Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic Chopped JerkyBuffalo Chipotle & Garlic Chopped Jerky
Wild Boar Jerky StickWild Boar Jerky Stick
Elk Peppered Jerky StickElk Peppered Jerky Stick
Venison Mild Jerky StickVenison Mild Jerky Stick
Flavored Exotic Meat Stick Assortment Pack
Kangaroo Jerky Variety Pack
Venison Peppered Chopped JerkyVenison Peppered Chopped Jerky
20 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
Spicy Jerky Stick Variety Pack
Alligator Variety Pack
Mild Jerky Stick Variety Pack
Venison Jerky Stick Variety Pack
Sweet Jerky Variety Pack
Peppered Jerky Stick Variety Pack
Pork Stick Variety Pack
Beef Pemmican Chopped JerkyBeef Pemmican Chopped Jerky
Pork Chorizo Jerky StickPork Chorizo Jerky Stick
Venison Teriyaki Jerky StickVenison Teriyaki Jerky Stick