Discover a world of bold flavor with our Exotic Jerky Sticks. Made from a variety of premium meats including alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, and more.  Each stick offers a unique and irresistible taste experience. With a range of mild to spicy flavors, there's something for every palate.  Try them now and embark on a flavor journey like no other.


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Spicy Smokie Beef StickSpicy Smokie Beef Stick
Spicy Smokie Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $6.47
Original Beef StickOriginal Beef Stick
Original Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97
Alaskan Exotic Jerky Variety PackAlaskan Exotic Jerky Variety Pack
Meat and Pepper Jack Cheese Snack Stick
Original Meat with Cheese Snack StickOriginal Meat with Cheese Snack Stick
Hickory Smokie Beef StickHickory Smokie Beef Stick
Hickory Smokie Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $6.47
Mild Smokie Beef StickMild Smokie Beef Stick
Mild Smokie Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $6.47
Jalapeno Beef StickJalapeno Beef Stick
Jalapeno Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97
25 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
10 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack10 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
Jalapeno Smokie Beef StickJalapeno Smokie Beef Stick
Meat and Blue Cheese Snack Stick
Original Bison Stick
Traditional Beef StickTraditional Beef Stick
Traditional Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97
Teriyaki Bison Stick
Sold out
Jalapeno & Cheese Beef StickJalapeno & Cheese Beef Stick
Jalapeno & Cheese Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97 Regular price$3.97
Sold out
Black Peppered Beef StickBlack Peppered Beef Stick
Black Peppered Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97 Regular price$3.97
Honey BBQ Smokie Beef StickHoney BBQ Smokie Beef Stick
Original Turkey StickOriginal Turkey Stick
Original Turkey Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97
On sale
Honey BBQ Beef StickHoney BBQ Beef Stick
Honey BBQ Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $2.97 Regular price$3.97
Alligator Mild Jerky StickAlligator Mild Jerky Stick
Spicy Bison Stick
Snack Stick Variety PackSnack Stick Variety Pack
Snack Stick Variety Pack Sale priceFrom $9.47
Hot Pepperoni Sticks
Save $1.73
Honey Smokie Beef Stick
Honey Smokie Beef Stick Sale price$4.74 Regular price$6.47
10 Stick Variety Pack
Swamp Stick Meat StickSwamp Stick Meat Stick
Meat and Monterey Jack Cheese Snack Stick
Meat and Jalapeno Cheddar Snack Stick
Beef & Cheese Smokie Beef Stick
Black Peppered Smokie Beef StickBlack Peppered Smokie Beef Stick
Ham Honey Jerky StickHam Honey Jerky Stick
Teriyaki Smokie Beef StickTeriyaki Smokie Beef Stick
Jalapeno Mini Meat Sticks
Mega Pepperoni Sticks
Habanero Chipotle Smokie Beef Stick
Roadkill Meat StickRoadkill Meat Stick
Elk Meat StickElk Meat Stick
Hunter's Reserve
Elk Meat Stick Sale priceFrom $7.47
Sold out
Duck Meat StickDuck Meat Stick
Hunter's Reserve
Duck Meat Stick Sale priceFrom $7.47
15 Piece Exotic Meat Stick Jerky Assortment Pack15 Piece Exotic Meat Stick Jerky Assortment Pack
20 Piece Exotic Meat Assortment Pack
Sold out
Bison Meat StickBison Meat Stick
Hunter's Reserve
Bison Meat Stick Sale priceFrom $7.47
Flavored Exotic Meat Stick Assortment Pack
Meat and Swiss Cheese Snack Stick
Venison Pepper StickVenison Pepper Stick
Indian Valley
Venison Pepper Stick Sale priceFrom $6.97
Caribou Teriyaki StickCaribou Teriyaki Stick
Desert Fire Beef StickDesert Fire Beef Stick
Desert Fire Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $3.97
Mild Beef StickMild Beef Stick
Mild Beef Stick Sale priceFrom $3.97