When Righteous Felon's founder unwrapped a food dehydrator on his 12th birthday, it marked a pivotal moment for the world of underground snack sales. Along with some accomplices recruited from the middle school cafeteria, he and his friends formed a homegrown snack syndicate that sold ziplock bags of jerky from the classroom to the lavatory. However, their operation was short-lived as they eventually got caught and received a punishment of 5-10 days of after-school detention and hard labor.


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Biltong Variety PackBiltong Variety Pack
Habanero Escobar Beef JerkyHabanero Escobar Beef Jerky
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Truffle-O Beef JerkyTruffle-O Beef Jerky
Favorites Beef Jerky Variety PackFavorites Beef Jerky Variety Pack
VooDoo Chile Beef JerkyVooDoo Chile Beef Jerky
Seoul Survivor Korean BBQ Beef JerkySeoul Survivor Korean BBQ Beef Jerky
Baby Blues BBQ Beef JerkyBaby Blues BBQ Beef Jerky
Lemon Pepper Turkey Snack StickLemon Pepper Turkey Snack Stick
Fiery Habanero Beef Snack StickFiery Habanero Beef Snack Stick
Street Taco Pork Snack StickStreet Taco Pork Snack Stick
OG Hickory Beef & Pork Snack StickOG Hickory Beef & Pork Snack Stick
Nelson Mandilla BiltongNelson Mandilla Biltong
Teriyaki Balboa Beef JerkyTeriyaki Balboa Beef Jerky
Ancho Villa BiltongAncho Villa Biltong
Victorious B.I.G. Beef JerkyVictorious B.I.G. Beef Jerky
OG Hickoy Beef JerkyOG Hickoy Beef Jerky
Darth Garlic BiltongDarth Garlic Biltong
Maryland Monroe Beef JerkyMaryland Monroe Beef Jerky
Bourbon Franklin Beef JerkyBourbon Franklin Beef Jerky