When Righteous Felon's founder unwrapped a food dehydrator on his 12th birthday, it marked a pivotal moment for the world of underground snack sales. Along with some accomplices recruited from the middle school cafeteria, he and his friends formed a homegrown snack syndicate that sold ziplock bags of jerky from the classroom to the lavatory. However, their operation was short-lived as they eventually got caught and received a punishment of 5-10 days of after-school detention and hard labor.


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Lemon Pepper Turkey Snack StickLemon Pepper Turkey Snack Stick
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Biltong Variety PackBiltong Variety Pack
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Habanero Beef & Pork Snack StickHabanero Beef & Pork Snack Stick
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BBQ Beef & Pork Snack StickBBQ Beef & Pork Snack Stick
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VooDoo Chile Beef JerkyVooDoo Chile Beef Jerky
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Nelson Mandilla BiltongNelson Mandilla Biltong
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Victorious B.I.G. Beef JerkyVictorious B.I.G. Beef Jerky
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Habanero Escobar Beef JerkyHabanero Escobar Beef Jerky
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Maryland Monroe Beef JerkyMaryland Monroe Beef Jerky
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