As time passed, Country Archer grass-fed beef jerky began to gain more and more popularity, eventually finding its way into grocery stores across the country. Despite it's growth, they have maintained their commitment to crafting each batch of jerky in-house using the same beloved recipe and use only 100% grass-fed beef, natural turkey, antibiotic-free pork, and real ingredients. They take the quality of their meat snacks seriously and still taste-test their jerky every day with the same rigor as they did from day one.


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Zero Sugar Mustard BBQ Beef JerkyZero Sugar Mustard BBQ Beef Jerky
Zero Sugar Classic Beef JerkyZero Sugar Classic Beef Jerky
Mango Habanero Beef JerkyMango Habanero Beef Jerky
Hickory Smoked Turkey JerkyHickory Smoked Turkey Jerky
Fuego Beef JerkyFuego Beef Jerky
Country Archer
Fuego Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.02
Jalapeno Beef JerkyJalapeno Beef Jerky
Country Archer
Jalapeno Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.02
Hatch Chile Beef JerkyHatch Chile Beef Jerky
Teriyaki Beef JerkyTeriyaki Beef Jerky
Country Archer
Teriyaki Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.02
Original Beef JerkyOriginal Beef Jerky
Country Archer
Original Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.02