Many years ago, Uncle Bud developed his renowned peanut frying technique using a carefully chosen peanut variety. He achieved perfection by frying the peanuts in their shells at precise temperature and duration, and then adding his unique blend of seasonings. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary - the humble peanut was transformed into a crispy, crunchy, and golden delicacy, which is now accessible to all. You are included in this lucky bunch, so don't hesitate to grab a bag or two today. We are confident that you will savor every bite of this unparalleled treat.


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Deep Fried Peanut Variety PackDeep Fried Peanut Variety Pack
Cajun Deep Fried PeanutsCajun Deep Fried Peanuts
Garlic Deep Fried PeanutsGarlic Deep Fried Peanuts
Salted Deep Fried PeanutsSalted Deep Fried Peanuts
Hot Deep Fried PeanutsHot Deep Fried Peanuts
Uncle Bud's
Hot Deep Fried Peanuts Sale priceFrom $4.57
Old Bay Deep Fried PeanutsOld Bay Deep Fried Peanuts
Bacon BBQ Deep Fried PeanutsBacon BBQ Deep Fried Peanuts
Sea Salt & Vinegar Deep Fried PeanutsSea Salt & Vinegar Deep Fried Peanuts