Topanga’s Finest was born out of a love for beef jerky that started with a jar from a local liquor store. Disappointed with other brands that were either too sweet or unpalatable, the founder decided to make their own using a food dehydrator. After much experimentation, a recipe was perfected with the right balance of spices and alternative sweeteners. Different cuts of beef were also discovered to absorb marinades differently. As a self-proclaimed junk food junkie, the founder was happy to provide his sons with a healthy, homemade protein snack instead of processed snacks. What started as a passion for beef jerky became a business.


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Spicy Sriracha Style Beef JerkySpicy Sriracha Style Beef Jerky
Old Fashioned Maple Bacon JerkyOld Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky
Spicy Sriracha Style Bacon JerkySpicy Sriracha Style Bacon Jerky
Teriyaki Chicken JerkyTeriyaki Chicken Jerky
Teriyaki Chicken Jerky Sale priceFrom $10.89
Original Beef JerkyOriginal Beef Jerky
Original Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $10.89
Buffalo Wing Style Chicken JerkyBuffalo Wing Style Chicken Jerky
Orange Teriyaki Beef JerkyOrange Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Orange Teriyaki Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $10.89
Teriyaki Beef JerkyTeriyaki Beef Jerky
Teriyaki Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $10.89