Herb Infused Hot Sauce

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Hank's original sauce, the "OG," was created to enhance the flavors of his favorite foods. Herb Infused Hot Sauce is a versatile sauce that adds the perfect kick without overpowering any dish. Use it to spice up bland soups, tomato sauces, or chicken and tuna salad. Forget ketchup - the OG is the perfect sauce for burgers, tenders, and fries. While it may not be super spicy, don't be surprised if you finish the bottle! As Hank says, it's his go-to sauce for "anything that needs something," even a crockpot of pulled pork.

Ingredients- Hank Base (Aged Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Xanthan gum), Wine, Garlic, Salted Butter (Sweet Cream, Salt), Basil. Contains dairy

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