Charqui Jerky Company firmly believes that simple is best. Their all-natural beef jerky contains no artificial ingredients whatsoever, and if they can't pronounce it, they won't use it. The beef is sourced exclusively from the US and ingredients are completely identifiable and gluten-free. Charqui Jerky Co blends these pure ingredients to create delicious and contemporary flavor combinations, providing you with a healthy, high-protein, low-carb, and low-calorie snack food. Join in on their mission to bring jerky out of the backwoods and into the mainstream.


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Paris' Cut Beef JerkyParis' Cut Beef Jerky
Paris' Cut Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.47
Sunday Hangover Beef JerkySunday Hangover Beef Jerky
Sunday Hangover Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.47
Sesame Sweet Beef JerkySesame Sweet Beef Jerky
Sesame Sweet Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.47
Swicy Beef JerkySwicy Beef Jerky
Swicy Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.47
Vintage Beef JerkyVintage Beef Jerky
Vintage Beef Jerky Sale priceFrom $8.47